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Picture this: it’s a random afternoon and you’re at school or work when a shock drop occurs on SNKRS. Good news is you notice the notification on your phone, bad news is they’ve already sold out of your size! Instead of leaving empty handed, you decide to grab next closest size and hope for a trade. After all, there has to be someone else in the same predicament, right? That’s where we come in!

Zippiddi is a simplified way to trade sneakers. Chat and negotiate trades with other sneaker collectors without having to share your personal information. Traders are never required to share their payment information with other users. No need for local meet ups. All shoes are thoroughly vetted at one of our authentication centers by a team of sneaker professionals. Our 2-tiered sneaker authentication process also includes artificial intelligence. 

Authenticity Guarantee

We are advocates of authentic sneakers.  We are also aware of the counterfeit pandemic that plagues the sneaker community. At Zippiddi, we implement a 2-tier authentication process that consist of artificial intelligence as well as thorough vetting by our team of sneaker professionals. Any trade that involves counterfeit sneakers are automatically cancelled and voided. 

We invest in advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence, as part of our authentication process. Digital scans of each shoe are meticulously analyzed with the capability to pinpoint the slightest discrepancies between authentic and counterfeit sneakers. We also require that all sneaker trades include the original box as it is part of our authentication process – no exceptions. 

Let’s face it: Nikes, Jordans, and a majority of name brand sneakers are made by hand. For this reason, we find it imperative to thoroughly vet every pair of shoes by hand in addition to artificial intelligence. Our team of professionals are comprised of former sneaker store employees as well as sneaker collectors with decades of experience.

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