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Zippiddi is a simplified way to trade new and used sneakers. We use advanced technology to connect sneaker enthusiasts throughout the country to negotiate and facilitate sneaker trades. You can add sneakers to your virtual closet, search for specific sneakers, chat with other users as well as make and accept trade offers with other traders by the tap of a button. Cash may also be added as part of a trade offer. All shoes must pass our two-tier verification process to ensure that every sneaker involved in a completed trade are 100% authentic.

Create a free account by registering with an email and phone number. You are never required to share your personal information (name, phone number, address, etc.) with other traders. 

We implement a two-tier verification process for every pair of sneakers received by our authentication team. Our authentication team consist of former sneaker store employees as well as sneaker collectors with years of experience, training, and knowledge.

It’s a poorly hidden secret that shoes manufactured by brands such as Nike, Jordan, and Adidas (to name a few) are handmade. Replicas and “UAs,” which are popular terminologies for counterfeits and fakes, are also manufactured by hand. Every sneaker we receive is meticulously vetted, in-hand, by our authentication team who are trained to identify discrepancies between real and fake sneakers.

In addition to in-hand authentication, we invest in artificial intelligence (AI) as part of our verification process. Digital scans are analyzed by a third-party as an enhanced measure to ensure all sneakers are 100% authentic. Original shoeboxes, whether new or damaged, are required as part of our authentication process – no exceptions.

All trades involving fake sneakers are immediately voided. If our authentication team concluded that your trade partner is culpable for the voided trade (shipped fake sneakers, failed to ship sneakers, item not as described, etc.), you will receive a refund. An additional $15 penalty fee would be applied to any trader who is liable for a voided trade. All items from voided trades will be shipped back to their original senders.

Trades that have been confirmed are not eligible for cancellation.

The original shoebox, whether pristine or damaged, is an integral part of our authentication process. We require that all shoes are shipped in their original shoebox – no exceptions.

We only accept shoes, with their original shoebox, that have been properly secured in one (1) packaging box. Please print a copy of your trade confirmation page and place it inside of your shoebox(es) or packaging box. If you do not have a printer, please write out the details of your trade confirmation (Trade Date, Name, Order #, Item #, etc.) and place inside of your shoebox(es) or packaging box.

Traders can add a tracking number directly through the Zippiddi app which will alert their respective trade partner that the package they are receiving (pending verification) was shipped to one of our authentication centers.

Each trader is solely responsible for any costs and/or fees associated with shipping their package to one of our authentication centers. Traders are free to choose a shipping carrier of their choice when sending items to one of our authentication centers.

We only assume liability for items that were securely packaged in one (1) packaging box and marked as delivered (with tracking number provided by each trader) to one of our authentication centers – no exceptions.

We do not assume any liability for any of the following:

  • Sneakers that are shipped with postage stamps directly on the shoebox
  • Sneakers that are shipped without a tracking number
  • Items that were lost, stolen or damaged in route to one of our authentication centers
  • Packages that do not have a tracking number
  • Multiple packages, with multiple tracking numbers, for one order

We currently ship with USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

In the event a package is lost, stolen or damaged in route to the shipping address we have on file you can submit a ticket here. Traders have 24 hours from the time their package is marked as delivered to inform us that their package was either lost, stolen or damaged.

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